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Hi everyone- yes its been 4 months now since I had my ALIF with L4 L5, L5 S1 being removed and BMP inserted with fusion. Am I any better? No I am worse now than before surgery. The only positve thing is that I have started to fuse.

Still in extreme pain on left side in butt all the way down leg into foot sometimes being numb. Still using walker and wheelchair. Not allowed to drive or lift, or do housework. Had CT and MRI and now my neruosurgeon says L4 L3, L4 L5 is now how did that happen??? No clue since I can't do anything. Also have carpel tunnel it wakes me up at least 3x a night with my hand completely numb and can't get it to come back.

I am now scheduled for another surgery on Nov 16th, a Lami/Disc.

My lawyer has told me to file for SSD now which I am going to do. He is also requesting all my medical records to see if there was any malpractice involved since this is my 3rd surgery.

My case is a WC so I am really surprised at the insurance company approving all these surgeries.

I have stopped PT since I think it was only making me worse, doctor upped my oxycottin to 40mg, and still take vallium and vicoden and STILL have extreme pain. So I hope this 3rd surgery will be the seems like it never ends....just want to have a normal life again with my family!


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