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This is a new one to me...and boy, its not nice. Hence why I'm on the PC at 4am...

I've always suffered from a bit of foot pain here and there (top of the foot from the big toe to ankle, I'm assuming L5) but its always accompanied and been outdone by the leg pain. Tonight I've had the burning pain for the first time, in my foot, for absolutely no reason and pretty much relentlessly. Its worse when the leg is giving me jip too, but there to some degree the rest of the time. I've no idea why. I'd actually been feeling marginally better the last couple of days. I've done nothing specific. the only thing I can think of is that I've got a mosquito bite on the sole of my foot (yeah, I know) and that the irritation from that has somehow innervated the problem nerve, although even that's not caused many problems today.

Anyhow, enough about there anything that helps relieve the burning? Its pretty horrific at times. I can't sleep on mly left or back anyhow because of my leg pains, but I can't sleep on my right now either cause the painful side of my foot's got to rest against something. Anything touching it is hurting. I thought I'd try a cold, no, no, no, no - it was barely able to touch my foot:mad:. Apart from sitting in my comfy position, nothing seems to relieve it enough to sleep. Any suggestions anyone?

Well, good night to the rest of you...I pity all who have to go through this every night - one night's bad enough for me.

love Jinks
Hi again,

Thanks for the advice. I can't think of anything I've eaten over the past few days that's any different than usual but if it persists I'll try and see. I had a lot of mashed potatoes for dinner so maybe...

Finally got some sleep for 3hours last night but had terrible dreams about my leg and woke up sore, but the burning had stopped. The foot's been more painful than normal this morning, but no burning. Hopefully, its a one-off and won't recur but I have to say I'm a bit worried about tonight - will just have to try and catch up on some kip today.

I'm pretty sure its linked to the mozzy bite - although the itchiness had died down a couple of days ago, I always react to bites quite badly, and i also get dermatitis on my feet, so they're ultra-sensitive to things. That and obviously walking a bit funny for a couple of days on that foot because of the bite. The pain and burning was definately the along nerve - up into the ankle and lower leg when it was bad...but it just seems too coincidental to me - maybe the irritation from the bite had set the nerve firing or something.

Well, I'll keep you up to date. I'm due to call the surgeon in a few days anyway so if it persists I might make that call a bit earlier. I'm on Neurontin at the moment. But have only just moved up to 1200mg so maybe that'll kick in with some effects soon.

Thanks all,

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