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Morning all!
The internet sure is a great tool for bringing people together! I had sciatica starting in 99. Was not until 3 years ago that it progressed to what it is today. When I started looking for help, I got that evil eye that made me aware they thought I was exagerating, a liar and a drug addict seeking meds. (3 x asking for drugs made me a druggie, lol) I got the run around for months and hung it up. So I suffered all these years with no pain pills, no PT, no support....I cried it out years ago that I'd ALWAYS be like this and to just step up to reality and try to live with it.

The reason I asked the 'sleeping' question is that when ever I would report this to a doctor, that it hurt the most at night in bed, their eyebrow would go up, as if THEY NEVER HEARD Of SUCH A THING. Now, I have all of you in the span of 12 hours or so reporting similar things as me. Humpfh!!

I've only seen my new spine dr once, but he didn't seem so surprised by this, and without even asking, he started me on Vicodin, Zanaflex and Relefen. These drugs seem to mask the pain, but I'm aware that it won't fix anything.

Dose surgery help for most, or fail for most?

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