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Hi Aberlaine,

Im so sorry your having to go through all that pain, I know what it feels like. All of us spineys know how it is & i'm sure after the weekend you'll get lots more replies, too. You seem to have alot going on, being in your thoracic and lumbar spine areas. I know all about stenosis, as I had surgery last September to cut out bony overgrowth, some of a ligament, and found out my doc also snipped some discs. So I know how absolutley horrible that pain is. It seems like you might have foraminal stenosis? Especially if most of your pain is radiating to the sides. I had central canal stenosis with neurogenic claudication, which caused me not to be able to walk upright or even walk more then 30-50 feet or so, sometimes less. Even though I had surgery for that, I now have facet joint hypertrophy and new bone overgrowth on several levels of my foramen, though on MRI it only appears mild right now. But I still keep getting disc herniations & tears, seems like every 2 months or so. The last 2 times (including now) I have the nerve pain radiating to my hips and groin areas, but not down my legs. However, if I sit too long, especially in the car, I get pins & needles in some toes.

Has any doctor gone over all your options for you case? If I were you, I would go back to your INternist and tell them how much pain you're in & ask for a referral. Maybe they can refer to you a Neuro this time? Tell the doc how much it is affecting your quality of life, tell them everything you cannot do anymore, all your limitations, tell them what positions/activities cause what pains & where; It just sounds like you really need to be seeing a spine specialist (either an ortho or neuro that specializes only in the spine). I feel really bad for you b/c I know how you feel and it's awful that you can't just see a specialist quickly. I think you are really going to have to put your foot down to your INternist .... you have to really let that doc know what you are going through.

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