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I post on the Bowel Disorder (re-section surgery) and Knee and Hip Boards (2 total hip replacements), and here I am with some questions for you all.
Seems I'm falling apart here!

I've had back issues for a long time...however, nothing as severe as what's been happening lately. I know I have degenerative disease...was told that years ago. Also some bone spurs....was told that by the anesthesologist trying to insert the spinal for my last hip surgery. Haven't had an MRI...yet.

Symptoms: I simply cannot walk any sort of distance without my left leg cramping up with a burning pain on the outside of the calf. Not down the buttock into the front. Sometimes the pain seems confined from the knee to the foot. The scary part is the foot goes numb and, along with the severe pain, the leg gets there's nothing under me to hold my weight. I sit or lean to get the weight off my leg and can continue to walk a little...until it starts again.

I am thinking it's stenosis and nerve compression? I have an appt. with an ortho back specialist. Just so frustrating, because I bit the bullet and did the the back is worse than ever. Too, I'm not really even. It's very obvious on my hip x-rays that my right pelvic area is higher than the left.

Symptoms sound familiar? If so, what did you do....or, rather, what did the docs have you do? Did you get relief? This pain's been waking me lately.

Thanks in advance for any info.


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