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I had a discectomy at l5-s1 level in april 2005, conservative tx didn't help. disc herniation, I developed radicular nerve pain in right leg, numbness, heaviness, tingling, creepy crawly sensations..every step I take feels like the flesh is tearing away from the bone and at the same time a million pins and needles stabbing. had similar symptoms in left leg, but the right was the main one. exactly 12 days after the surgery while trying to hobble down the hall to get to the bathroom I felt the most excruciating pain like someone kicked me in my was the disc collapsing!! now there is practically any space left between the discs, it's just grinding bone on bone. and re-herniated to top it off! the pain got so much worse, the symptoms are equally in both legs and then some, my legs just basically buckle from beneath me , and dysesthesias.
for the longest time, these docs would like at me like I was some lunatic whenever I explained my symptoms to the point where when I got nerve studies done and they confirmed with the EMG exactly what I had been telling them all along. I was actually excited when the tests came back positive. It was like, I told you so, now will you help me get some relief? doctors can be so insensitive, my surgeon who did the procedure actually scolded asking me why did I keep coming to his office, there was nothing more he could do for me and that I would just have to learn to live with it!!!:mad:
I now have to have more surgery, bilateral laminectomy and a dynamic stabilization....if I still in pain, they'll repeat the procedure on the next level...
I've postpone numerous times because I so scared to do it. I can't cope with going thru another surgery right now and still having to deal with chronic pain.
I swear they keep trying to screw with my mind saying it's "minimally invasive"
to sugar coat it like it's not a big deal. wouldn't you be reluctant as well, I mean my first procedure was "minimally invasive" and things got worse, so I supposed to trust in another surgery:rolleyes:.

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