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I'm just going to put in my oar to pull the same stroke - it is far too early to be sure of anything. If you are in pain even when you are lying down and resting as you ought to be doing most of the time, I'd have to wonder if you are not adequately medicated for pain. I had truly vicous nerve pain (a new type of pain for me) start on Day 10 post-op. It was fierce and all over my lower legs and feet. Doc Rx Neurontin and we upped the dose and my oxy dose until I got to where I was reasonable comfortable lying down and sleeping. His approach seemed very reasonable to me. He wanted me to be up and walking about every 2 -3 hours and it was OK if being up was uncomfortable. It was OK if I began having real pain after walking for 10 minutes and then 15 minutes and sitting and so on. Activity could be expected to cause discomfort and pain. But pain when resting wasn't OK and for that I was to call him ASAP.
We switched my meds a lot over the next 7 months. And I have to say I had a hard 7 months of recovery. As I recovered my ability to do more, I would find my pain levels soaring out of control. But I always used that benchmark and felt my doc was listening and aware of my pain levels. I do hope you begin to feel even a tiny bit better - Suzy Q

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