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Re: Unbearable pain
Nov 23, 2007
Hessie, may I second cherir's idea to research arachnoiditis, more specifically adhesive arachnoiditis. I joined this board to research my intractable back/bilateral leg pain. I had been to a neurosurgeon, had MRI's, emg's, nerve conduction tests' etc. and lived with advancing disability over the last 18 months. A veteran of this group, Moldova, posted a new topic on October 9th about being diagnosed w/this condition, arachnoiditis. I wondered what it was and started to ****** and investigate AA, and the more I read on nearly every symptom I said, that's me, that's me, that's me...I got out my MRI's after learning what to look for, after joining a support group named cofwa, reading 60,000 posts in that group, and had come to be nearly certain that I was an arachniac, too.
My diagnoses had been DDD and peripheral neuropathy prior to my second surgical opinion on 10/26. I was armed with a clipboard full of my notes. The surgeon had my MRI films up on the viewer and was telling me that he thought a two-level fusion was the way to go and still couldn't find a relation to the leg pain. I politely asked, "Could you put up all the axial views of both MRI's and just see if you might notice any nerve clumping?" Within seconds he said yes and said, "You have arachnoiditis". He said that surgery was no longer an option and referred me to pain management. I'm not happy knowing I have an incurable spinal cord disease, but at least I know what on earth is going on. AA is very much underdiagnosed and many folks with diagnoses of DDD, RSD, CRPS, Stenosis, FBSS, and others, may really have AA. Further surgery and even ESI's or taps could cause further scarring and disability if one has this disease. I am sorry that Moldova has AA, but posting about it here kept me from having a painful, expensive, operation that would have led to more pain and more disability. I am truly thankful for this board. My name is Ernie and this is my first post here. May you all be blessed with low pain days, thanks.

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