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Hi All,

Well had my x-ray done and yes the good news is fusion is taking place nicely and everything is in place (nuts and bolts !!!).

The questions I had was this knot/pressure I was feeling why is it ? Why cant I stay up longer than I can............ etc (all what I have been moaning about really here on the board). So basically I was told very early still (arggggggghhhh) progress is slow, and it could just be the mechanics of my back that will still cause this pain......... Then I am wondering why have I improved over the past few months, if it was mechanical......... and will it continue to improve if it is mechanical....... the answer we dont know !.
Told improvment with spinal fusion records show that you continue to improve and can take 2 years in some cases............ I would love if someone told me yes in six months time you will be able to stay up all day, you will function NORMAL....... I was pleased with my visit and while I was sitting there I just thought please god the next appointment I will be a whole load better. Then said well your last visit here you had to be driven, this time I drove myself and went for a coffee afterwards........... but sore !!!
So Justoneofus and chatterboxsd, diet, moldova, Roy, and all the others, was told to get more physio and harder exercises, the *****footing days are over !!! so hopefully now i will get more flexible and back to the swimming aswell........

So guess you are all celebrating thanksgiving over there, well for us its just another day and i wouldnt know about thanksgiving only for the board so GUYS happy thanksgiving to you. Night.

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