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Re: My Foot
Nov 22, 2007
Well I think it's called overpronation, but can occur for loads of different reasons.

I know my foot does this on my right side because I have foot drop, caused by impingement of the sciatic nerve. It makes the ankle floppy and it usually caves inwards.

But before all this with my back was diagnosed I saw a krank podiatrist who just said I had "a flexible ankle" and noted how unsteady I was on my feet and gave me insoles. It only made the pain worse and gave me other aches and pains! So I would be wary of orthotics unless you really, really need them.

I suppose it's a case of determining if you have foot drop or not. If not there are plenty of exercises to get rid of fallen arches and improve the arch of your foot (e.g. dragging a kitchen towel in with your toes while arching your foot etc)

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