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Curious Julie!
Nov 26, 2007
hi all

i have posted before but it was a while ago. i have had a back problem which is slowly progressing. it is getting to a stage where i can hardly walk and using crutches. ( although the severity does vary during the day and seems to ease slightly more from early evening and can generally walk un aided although still a bit of a strange gait and not any great distance) at times it feels that my feet are really tight. as if i am wearing a very tight pair of socks. when i bend backwards that is when i feel most of the pain although my back does have a dull ache most of the time. i do have alot of pain in my knees especially when i first wake up and i try to straighten my legs out. it has been recognised that i have sciatica in both legs. great fun! also hip pain and front thigh pain especially when i do a straight leg lift. i have seen a medical report which has been sent to my employers and i am under a nurologist who is investigating. one suggestion has been severe inflamation which is effecting the nerves and also slipped discs.

i think why i am writing this is to ask if any of this sounds familiar to any of my fellow sufferers on here. also if you have any suggested exercises as i am getting very stiff which again is more noticable first thing in the morning and comes and goes during the day. my back muscles do feel very weak.

any input would be great and thankyou for listening

Julie ;)

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