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I posted about a week ago and several people responsed with useful advice. I thought I would update my status and ask more questions. And maybe my experience might be useful for someone else.

Brief Summary:
1. I am a 37 yr old male.

2. For about 5 years I had right back pain, ocassionally shooting to right leg. My family doctor said it was just muscle pinching the nerve, so I lived with it. This summer it started getting worse.

3. 6 weeks ago I bent over for newspaper and I believe that was the exact moment my L4-L5 disk ruptured, extruded out into large pieces that were pushing on my spinal cord and nerve root. Severe pain to right leg, pins and needles and numbness in right foot.

4. 4 weeks ago I had surgery. My neurosurgeon removed the large pieces of disk. He left what little remains of my disk in there. He reported that the pieces he removed were very large and pushing on my spinal cord and nerve root, but there was no leakage of spinal fluid.

5. Immediately following the surgery, for the first week or so I felt good. Of course there was incision soreness. The right leg nerve pain was not gone, but it was improved. Neurosurgeon said wait 4 weeks until all swelling goes down. After that, if there is still pain in your leg then there is nothing you can do about it.

6. About two weeks ago I was sitting in a particular chair and I felt psyiatic in my LEFT butt. (Never had any left leg problems before.) Then my left foot went pins and needles, numbness. Since then I have had left leg pain off and on.

7. 4 days ago I went to my family doctor, said that generally my pain level in my back and right leg are getting a little worse. And now ocasionally pain in my left leg. He said he was "alarmed" that now I have pain my left leg, and ordered another MRI. The concern was that the disk that was left in there (very little left, actually) was re-rupturing.

8. The new MRI results show that L4-L5 disk material is bulging into the spinal cord area, but my doctor says the bulging is not bad. He says unless it is pushing on a nerve root, then it is OK to bulge like that.


1. Is it really OK to be pushing on the spinal cord? I have the MRI images on my computer, and it appears to be pushing into the "sack" that contains the spinal cord by at least a few millimeters. None of my other disks bulge like that.

2. If this bulging is not causing my increasing pain (and new pain in my left leg), then what else could be the cause?

3. Of course I am very worried that the disk material left in there is probably very weak. Especially after seeing that it is already bulging just 4 weeks after my surgery and I have been babying my back. Long term, to what extent will I be able to actually use my back in this condition - medium lifting, digging, hunting, etc. ?

4. Under what circumstances do they do a spinal fusion? If I have a spinal fusion, will I be able to live more normally (not have to worry about this weak disk material coming out)?

Thanks in advance for any advice...

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