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unfortunetly yes i do,in my right knee.along with a bunch of other more structural issues.had to have two surgeries on that RSD knee too.scared the hell otta me since having any surgery on an actual RSD affected extremity can cause it to actually spread further up or even a bilateral spread since they share the same part of the SNS chain.luckily i have a very knowledgable ortho who is very familiar with RSD who actually did my surgery.he did a femoral block before the actual surgerys and it didn;t spread,whew.

the symp block is really the best way to tell whether or not your pain is being generated by a sympathetic cause.when they actually do the block,if you feel any change in your pain,it IS a sympathetic trigger thats at the root of it,if not,it most likely is not.i say most likely since there is always the possibility that the anesthesiologist could hit the wrong spot too ya know?most who do the blocks tho know where all right things are.i wouldn't worry about that part too much.but its probably the only real type of diagnostic type of test that you can do to try and find whether or not there is a sympathetic trigger which leads to the RSD itself to develop.other things that are used are the standard symptoms of RSD which are swelling,color changes in the skin,and an area that is way too hot for normal or cold for normal,it can be either one with RSD.but there IS always some level of too hot or cold present.are you also having any of those types of symptoms?good luck on the block.hope things go quickly for you.please let us know how things go,K?Marcia

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