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Hi! I also have that tight feeling in the chest area, along with pain/burning in my right side under my ribcage. Sometimes I also get the burning sensation on the left side. I do have a herniated disc in the lumbar region, along with bad disc's in the neck. My neck pops and cracks when I turn it different ways. My neurologist tells me I probably have nerve damage. Perhaps you are having the same problem, and hopefully with more research you will come up with an answer. I get that "can't breathe" feeling, also, and I think it is from the irritation and burning in my chest. It is scary when you feel like that. I take deep breaths and that helps some. Hope your GP will run some tests on you. Take care and good luck.

I have been suffering major chest and back pains as well. I cant do sit-ups without being hurt badly. I go through the burning in the mid to upper chest. Most of the time the feeling is right where the bridge of the chestbone is. But, I do feel the burning along the spine as well. I have had x-rays done and nothing showed up. I am seeing my doctor this Friday, what should I ask him to get done?

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