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I don't want to bore everyone with a long story but to keep it as short as I can, about one and a half years ago I had alot of dental work done and a few months later started having jaw and ear discomfort which has not been diagnosed but I believe is TMJ.
About a year ago I started getting upper back pain as well which has got progressively worse. Some days just my upper spine feels bruised and sore, other days the aching and discomfort spreads across both shoulders and I get shooting pains in my arms and legs and a crawling sensation across my back. I feel as if I'm carrying a big weight on my back and shoulders which is dragging me down. Sometimes the feeling spreads to my chest which feels tight and I start to panic I cant breathe properly. My chest muscles also feel sore to touch. Twice Ive been to A&E who've done chest x rays and ECG which have been fine and Ive been told its just stress or a panic attack.
Pain killers do nothing. If I try and stretch my back and neck it creaks and pops like mad.
Some days I also have very sore areas under my ribcage.
Today has been a bad day, again Ive felt I cant breathe properly and began to panic ending up in tears. I just want to know whats wrong and feel normal again. Its really getting me down. Im going to try and see my GP tomorrow. What should I expect to be done and does anyone else have the same symptoms?

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