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Marcia and others:this is what all my tests i have done have said. Bone scan: The anterior images demonstrate subtle increased activity anterior aspect of the left SI joint.In review of plain films this corresponds to transitional L5-S1 segment with partial sacralization on the left. The subtle increased activity probably corresponds to Pseudoarthrosis of the transitional segment at L5-S1 on the left.
MRI:(imaging spinal canal and contants lumbar without contrast Transitional element at lumbrosacral junction is felt to represent a patially sacralized L5 with a broad transverse process on the left forming anomlous articulation with the upper sacrum. No lumbar, Disc hernitaiotn, spinal stenosis, or root compression. Unremarkable conus Medullaris, so scratch the spinal stenosis in the last email! This is the one where they found the fluid filled cyst in the ovary.

So everyones guess is as good as mine, notta, nothing showing why i have this low back pain, leg weakness numbness on the left side with limping . As i of here lately i put my cane up till they can give me a reason why i have to use one! I know selfish but maybe if i fall again they can say oh well there you see right there thats the problem! Yes i am becoming stubborn again but it makes you crazy when they can't tell you why when you've been pretty much healthy for your whole life and then bang something hits you and they can't tell you why. Thier dr.s and i know they don't always have all the answers but they shouldn't give, who knows maybe they can help someone in the future. The only other thing i can relate this too is damge from a car accident prior to all this but it seems like by now they would have found the cause to say yes it was from it and it seems like it would have bothered me alot then, not two or so years dwon the road when i changed nothing.
Love, Monkey

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