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Thanks for all your replies. I apologizes for not replying sooner but yesterday was a bad pain day. I'm a SAHM to a 22 month old son. Anyone that's had children know how active toddlers are so you can imagine the day I had yesterday...but I wouldn't change being a mommy for anything. It's my greatest achievement and according to doctors he will be my only child so I try to enjoy every minute of it through the pain. I'm lucky also to have a wonderful husband who can and does do anything a wife and mom can. Doctors say my pregnancy, c-section and taking care of my son when he was an infant caused my back problems. I didn't have any problems with my back before having him.

Anyway, I am in the process of being referred by my NS to a new PM doctor. It should take at least a few months to get in to see him. The new PM came highly recommended from a friend that use to be a patient of his and is also a pharmaceutical rep to PM doctor's in the area. Apparently he's the 'cream of the crop'. I really hope so.

I need to keep seeing my current PM until I can get in to see the new one. I've never felt comfortable at my visits. I get physically ill the days I have appts with him. I had my last ESI on 02.27.07. I don't plan to let this doctor come near my spine with a needle. Everytime I see him or call his office to complain of severe pain instead of addressing my pain problems he mentions the ESI's. Been there, done that. They didn't help me before, in fact, I thought they made me feel terrible. I read an article online today that said if you have low back pain and leg pain from sciatica then you should try ESI's but if you only have back pain don't bother with ESI's. My left leg and foot have been numb since 08.2006. I've never had pain in my leg and foot, only back pain. I had a level 1 fusion (L5-S1) on 04.26.07 and my doctor has said that we should probably hold off on the ESI's b/c the fusion was too recent but at the same time he's still pushing them! What a mess. I have an appt next Thursday. I just want him to up my oxy or give me something, I can't take this constant, severe pain anymore, it's been almost a month now. To make matters worse, my spine is not getting better or even staying the same, it's getting worse according to my most recent MRI I had done a few weeks ago. The discs that aren't drying out are either bulging or herniated. My NS told me back in April that I have a back of a 60 year old and I'm only 29 years old. I'm sorry for rambling. Thanks for listening. You guys are wonderful.


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