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Do you have pain in the front of your thigh? I have it in both thighs and down the back of one leg. Both feet too in my toes. I find myself doing weird things like unconsciously rubbing my leg at work (like that would really help. LOL).

Will check Moldova's post. I read one of your posts about being aware during a surgery and wanted to cry reading how you suffered. You are a strong and brave woman to be able to go back on the table after that.

Yes I do have ping-ponging nerve pain where some days my pain is less and others I want to chew my legs off like I'm an animal in a trap. I am not sure ping-ponging is the right word, because I can usually correlate the pain with long periods of sitting. By the end of the work week it is also much much worse from the cumulative effect of sitting, commuting to work, etc. How would you describe your nerve pain? Bad some days, better others? Could you relate it to anything you did?

I really hope this surgery does it for you! How are you feeling now? I can imagine its hard to tell with all the post-surgical pain, but do you feel any relief yet?

I am hoping this Lyrica works but my pain is starting to kick in tonight so I'll take one of the precious Vicodens I had to beg my doc for. He acts like one of these 7.5 pills (maybe two) a day makes me a drug addict. I almost asked for Percocet last visit, because they work so much better than Vicoden but I didn't want to press my luck!

I read that you have to NOTHING for a month and I hope you are able to heed your doc's instructions. I was bored out of my gourd after two weeks, but I took 10 weeks off work and tried hard to be a good patient, taking walks, not sitting much at all. How are you managing being on the computer? Are you lying in bed with a laptop or are you able to sit and type? After my fusion, I could only sit on my dining room chairs (straight back) and my surgeon wouldn't let me sit on my comfy couch for months!

Warm fuzzy wishes to you for a comfortable and speedy recovery.

Prior to this surgery the pain was 24/7 down the right thigh outer side, top, inside of thigh, skip the calf, side of the foot into the baby toe, underside of the foot, sometimes the 3 toes next to the baby toe but not the large toe. I have found ice recently to be extremely beneficial wrapped around my legs. Cold as the dickens but for some strange reason it helps calm the leg down.

Prior to my fusion in Feb 06, sciatica was shooting and intermittment. After my fusion, the nerve pain never went away and activity greatly increased it. Hence my surgeon said it was mechanical in nature.

Nerve pain increases to higher level as well with sitting. I have been able to sit with my feet flat on the floor since Feb 06. I can sit in a recliner with the feet up but to sit at a table to eat or sit thru worship is impossible.

When I awoke from this revision surgery, I had zero nerve pain for the first two days in the hospital. On the 3rd day, I walked the hospital hall and they had me climb up 7 steps. When I climbed the steps, the wrath of nerve pain showed its head. It hurt for the remainder of the day and into the next. It stopped. No nerve pain for 2 more days then bam nerve pain has come back. Not 24/7 but is here.

My surgeon has told me that if my nerve pain continues to shoot up and down after this surgery that it is not a good sign. However, if my pain steadily declines I will more than likely recover. Kind of scarey in black and white. Don't know whether to trust this or not.

This morning nerve pain was better until I did these ankle movements tonight per the surgeon to stretch the nerve and now it is killing me. My legs are having intermittment jumping - nerve must be misfiring.

I am currently laying in a twin size bed planted in my family room. I am laying flat on my back with my legs bent - two pillows underneath them- the laptop is laying on my legs and I am typing away. Having the bed in the family room is wonderful because I see the lighted tree all day, participate with the family, and at night I can be up without disturbing anyone else.

Yesterday, I was completely numb with my surgeons straight forwardness but I think in all honesty he knows me. I do not like to ask much of others in way of helping me but right now I need to and I need to listen to him and do NOTHING. It sounds like this is my last chance and to tell you the truth I would rather be out there enjoying life than deailing with doctors, daily pain and taking meds for the rest of my life. 30 days is a small price to pay so couch potato move on over and save some room for me.

Well the eye lids are becoming heavy and please keep on posting. If you have not figured it out yet, I have lots of time on my hands to chit chat. :D

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