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I am having the same problem, the burning and pain in my leg are so bad now and I just went to my second Neuro and was told that I need a fusion at the l5 s1, I went to my physical medicine doctor today and he in not so many words told me to go back to my first Neuro and that I probably did need surgery since all other methods of treatment have failed, but I should let 1st Neuro make that recommendation and let him operate (I have heard nothing but great things about my 1st Neuro but after six months of constant pain and burning I needed a new opinion) I hope you can get an answer to your pain.
Monkey, are you saying nothing shows up on an MRI, because leg pain is almost always caused by a disc prolapse pressing on a nerve. I know the pain well! Had surgery 2 years ago.
Hi there monkey,

I had to chime in when i read your post. I had SEVERE leg pain in 2003 to 2004, they did anterior fusion with cage at l5-s1 in Oct 2004 and my legs were better when i woke up, however, my back pain slowy but surely became worse over the course of the next 2 years. Longer story shorter they decided to do MRI , CT's, bone scan, and xrays, these finally diagnosed another hernation at l4-l5 and a failed fusion at l5-s1 from the prior surgery. I did another discogram to confirm the pain at this level and then had another surgery just 6 months ago. This time my back pain is still the same and now my legs hurt worse then they did before the first surgery when they where "cured". All of this is so frustrating, at this present time the only test that has been done is multiple xrays every 3 months from surgery time. My ortho explained to me before the most recent surgery that when i wake my legs especially the left one due to an incision on that left "hip" area will hurt. Well he was correct that left leg most definately hurt and it still continues to do so. Instead of just "scraping and temporary" injuring the nerve i now seem to have permanent nerve damage. 6 months later my right leg is begining to hurt all the way to down to my left foot. All of this goes treated but still without diagnoses as to why. sorry for the long post but I figured if I where to share my stories then maybe you could somehow find some answers or relate to how you are feeling in some way.

God bless and good day,

videogamecrazed :angel:
My husband has just endured a 3rd 8 hour back operation for that leg pain...the pain that runs down the outside of the leg all the way down to the calf of the leg ...he can feel right where the pain travels. His spine now is screwed and glued from top to bottom and yet that leg pain(nerve pain) continues. Soooo somewhere in all this surgery this nerve is still perhaps pinched or who knows. So the quest continues to find the cure for that one shooting leg pain. Meanwhile, he wears a pain patch to get through week after week of serious pain and a chain to help walk.
Hi Monkey! I have leg pain also, prior to surgery and now afterwards. My PT lady says that pain can refer from your lower back to you leg.she told me I am doing too much and to back off. You may have some inflammation that is causing your leg pain. You can do ice for 10-15 min every hour, try any anti inflammatories you have, do stretches every day, making sure your stretching the outside of your leg where it hurts. You can also try lyrica (prescription) to see if its nerve pain.
Hope you feel better!
Jen, hi and thanks! I am kinda avoiding antiinflammatories till i see the GI dr. as i was on them so long at one time i am makeing sure it won't do worse things that i don't need;). And next time i go back to the dr.s wich i hope to soon just so much going on i am gonna ask about the lyrica! I am glad to see your doing well after surgery! Take care!
Oh I can definitly relate and I hate that for you. The PM doc is actually the one who found it in my latest CT scan. My SI joint has pulled away from the sacrium illiac (spelling anyone?) joint like a right angle. It was with that he could see the nerves have scarring wrapped around them causing the pressure on the nerve itself. He didn't think surgery would be an option for the scarring as it is so easy to nick the nerves itself. As for the joint separating, it shouldn't be doing that and suggested I bring it up at the next appointment with neuro which is tomorrow. Not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing yet. He has made me feel like he has kicked me to the curb. It's more likely my frustration with wanting things done and over with. I hope they will find what yours is from and be able to find you some comfort. They did notice the weakness in my right leg last visit, but as you said, they do all of the work and it is not the same as it supporting our bodies. My pm doc noticed the weakness himself (after I had been telling him for a few months) by pressing down on my big toes and my trying not to let him lower it, then walking on toes and then heals which I had trouble balancing on toes and couldn't do the heal thing. It was a shock to me that I couldn't. Anyway, that is much of my leg saga. Make them listen to you thoroughly!!! It is so hard but we can't trust them if they don't truly listen.


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