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I had my 2/3 of my spleen taken out 2 years ago due to a football injury and I think that's what causes the back pains. I also bruised my kidney badly which led to bloody urine, I mean pure red. Now I am at a time where I suffer from severe anxiety issues and take meds for that. over the past 5 months I have switched to over 15 different medicines for different things. Now I'm in the middle of a basketball season and my back hurts severely bad and my side also along with it. I don't know if there is something wrong with my kidneys or what. I have had similar pains in the past but never having to do with the side. Any one got any suggestions? advice? remedies?
So far this evening, the only advise I've been able to give is that you should see your doctor. With your history, these symptoms should not be ignored. It could well be your kidneys acting up again.

I agree, it sounds like you need to see your gp and urologist to rule out the kidneys. Good luck and please keep us posted.

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