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Hey Gidgit,
I haven't posted here in a while but like you I also had a micro-d on November 17th, 2006. I come here often and read posts from some of the others and feel as though they are my second family but after reading for just a little while my lower back, left hip and leg are killing me and I have to get up and get moving. My disc was herniated at L4-L5 and the largest my neuro surgeon had seen in quite some time. My original pain was also the worst I have ever felt and really unexplainable with part of my left foot and left leg completely numb with burning and stinging because of a pinched nerve. I so hoped and prayed after surgery and releasing the nerve I would get the feeling back and the terrible stinging and burning would at least be relived but that was not my case. After one year I can honestly say I have the say level of pain and stinging and of course the hateful numbness. I followed my treatment plan to the tee and was so careful. I followed up with all the physical therapy my insurance would pay for and went to our local pool for water exercise on a regular basis with no changes what so ever. The only reward I got was getting out of the house for a little bit. My last MRI said I had no visible problems and my neuro doesn't know why I still have pain. I had a second opinion from a more local spinal doctor that said my condition at one year post surgery would probably be my fate and he didn’t see anything that was causing my problem either. So, I was released back to my local family doctor for pain management. I take four Neurontin a day and by bedtime I usually have taken at least two Darvocets. I have Vicodin but try to not take it unless I can't take the pain any more, which is at best two to three times a week. I had a great job with the government that I never got to return to. Sitting at a desk for nine to ten hours a day was unimaginable. My day consist of constantly managing my pain. I can’t sit, stand in one place or lay still for longer than around thirty minutes. I am constantly trying to stay ahead of the pain so it doesn’t get out of control. I would try most anything to not have to take all these pills…..

All that being said I am just one case and I do hope yours will be different. To all the regular back sufferers that read this I feel your pain and know the disappointments with you and pray for us all daily. I hope everyone has a very Merry and pain free Christmas as possible.

Gotta get moving,

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