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Severe spondylosis
Dec 15, 2007
I am in constant pain...can barely eat, sleep or anything else. I am 32 year old male with several different back diagnosis among them are severe spondylosis, bilateral facet hypertrophy, facet joint disease and several other things I don't 5 bulging discs and moderate radiculopathy in C4-7 my recent Mri reports said broad based disc bulge L5-S1 with bilateral facet hypertrophy L4-5 braod based disc bulge L3-4 broad based disc bulge and borderline spinal stenosis and facet hypertrophy L2-3 disc desiccation and a broad based disc bulge with bilateral facet hypertrophy Please help
. I would like to hear from anyone who could tell me anything about my condition. I am a 32 yr. old husband and father in constant pain
Butt cheek - especially the knot just to the right of the tailbone an inch or so - and down the back of the thigh to the outside of the calf is generally considered to be the domain of the L5/S1 nerve. But a lot of these nerves crisscross and sometimes it can be hard to tell what's causing what. It sounds just from what you say that your spondy - which I'm guessing is probably right at that level - is pushing the disc back into your nerve. That's just a guess, but that's exactly what happened to me in exactly the same place.

I just had a one-level fusion to correct it 2 months ago and I'm doing really well. It may be that just doing that might take away all of your leg pain. the back pain is another issue. But, of course, you'll want to discuss this with your doctor. But, from my layman's experience, I'm guessing the bulk of your problem is the L5/S1 disc. But, again, that is only a guess.

Take care, keep researching, and ask your doctor lots of questions!
Hey guy's , spondy here too. Like camperboy I had surgery to help it. I know what you mean , the pain the tired feeling in your back ect.. My surgeon did a laminectomy on my spine to , too take pressure off my nerve L5

Sounds like your trying everything possible to help yourself ...Unfortunatly I can't work either , I was hurt on the Job after 12 years they canned me cause I couldn't return to my old job .. What a joke A ? What has your Dr. said on the next course of action ? Not surgery yet ?

First things first , apply for social security Disability NOW ! Hey them bills won't get paid if ou can't work and with your spine sounds like it may be a while .. Good luck , its no fun with back problems .. I was 37 when I was injured ..

Merry Christmass[/B][/COLOR]

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