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Oh, punkin. There are 2 things happening here.

1) You're in pain right now that needs some relief. Do you have any resources to treat that? A PM you can call or GP to evaluate your current pain management plan? This is not good. This level of pain is clouding everything. :(

2) When consulting with doctors, I bring a thick file of EVERYTHING. It really helps when they ask me for history or specific information. It can move things along faster. I do not mind showing older images and I find it doesn't impede getting more current images if the dr. feels they might be useful.
- First thing in the file is a typed-up chronology of what treatments I've had done: PT, injections, surgery, meds., etc. Make it neat and easy to figure out. Bring a copy to give to the dr. Include names and contact #'s of your GP, surgeon, and PM. You want to be above board on these things. Don't include consultations. Just the folks who've actually DONE something to you.
- CD's of all images (MRI's, CT's and X-rays) so they can look at them right then, if they like.
- copies of any reports
- Anything else relevant, in chronological order or categorical order (PM, GP, etc.)
- This takes some real time and effort to compile, but it really is worth it.

Your tone and presentation is really important when interacting with doctors. You want to convey that you're having problems with your back and you're hoping they can help you. Your questions for them are: 1) What do they assess your problem to be? 2) What approach would they use to treat it? No tears, no whining, no desperation, no victim voice from you! ;) You may be feeling this, but it doesn't go over well with these guys.

You have every right to have a conversation with other doctors in the same specialty. Just like you have a right to have a conversation with hair stylists before choosing best the one for you, right? Be respectful, be professional, and talk on their level. Bring a buddy if you need the moral support. Nothing wrong with that! You can always cry in the parking lot. Lord knows, I've done that a time or eleven!

I hope you can get your pain down some soon...
- Margaret

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