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[QUOTE=schragie;3366554]Is the pain only in your back or is it also radiating down your legs, in your hips, feet, etc? Any numbness or tingling?

Where does it hurt?[/QUOTE]

Thank you guys so much for helping, I appreciate it. My outer thighs are 'burning', but I think it's because I've been using those muscles more when I have to bend down and pick stuff up.

And according to the MRI, the bulge isn't pressing on any nerves, so surgery is more of a long-term thing. I feel like I've been given a third chance (this has happened twice before, but never as bad as this) - I know my limits now. I just hope that by the time my next appointment is (this Wed.) - the spinal specialist will opt for PT.

Have a great New Years, all!

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