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I was told it could be Ankylosing Spondylisits, Fibromyalsia or Psoriatic Arthritis. Funny thing is, my temperature is fairly low, around 97.5 so I thought of Hypothyroidism which can result in numbness and tingling.

My lumbar MRI report was 7 months ago in the supine position and before my really bad symptoms started in the past few months. I am wondering if I should ask for a new MRI and even one in motion. Keep in mind, the below report was from June in the supine position.

I still have twinges in my lower back and it gets very stiff after sitting for a while on the floor and I get some deep pain in my thoracic region, almost like a tightness or spasm feeling. Some nights it keeps me awake.

June 14:
To rule out Spondylosis (they should have checked for Spondylitis)
L5-S1 is unremarkable
L4-5 there is a facet arthrosis, slight annular bulging, and mild left L4 foraminal narrowing and mild right L4 foraminal narrowing. Right narrowing in the foramina is seen in image #1, left-sided foraminal narrowing is seen in image #2.
Conclusion: Minimal bilateral L4 foraminal marrowing is seen. Slight annular bulging contributes without focal lumbar herniation.

December 4:
MRI Thoracic spine with and without contrast:
Mid thoracic level, there is facet arthrosis approximately T4-5, T5-6 and T6-7 with mild foraminal narrowing. No focal thoracic herniation at those levels are seen.The conus is uncomplicated in appearance. No large abnormal enhancing focus involving the thoracic cord is identified. No, large thoracic cord syrinx is identified. There is some motion degradation present. Cord signal is grossly appropriate in appearance.
Conclusion: Three successive mid thoracic levels have facet arthrosis contributing to minimal bilateral foraminal narrowing. No large focal thoracic disc herniation is identified.

*could the problem be a pinched nerve in my leg or near the knee since I have a predisposition for pinched nerves in my elbow?

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