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I hope that you are doing better afther Santa visited you...:) How is everybody, please update me on how you are doing.

I just came home: instead of 3-4 days I was there 9 days. And you can trust me 100% that this was first time in my life when i new I will never come back home. Why?:confused:
Usually they keep you in a recovery room for 4-6 hours after surgery and than send you to the floor. Well, right after they situated me in recovery room attached to a million wires, tubes, cathers, etc. the only thing i wanted is pain meds and sleep. I got my Deiluden (sp?) pump and prepared to rest.

I fall a sleep and in a hour or so they started to wake me up. When i opened my eyes I saw so many DRs who would giving orders to me and RN's. I was not allowed to fall asleep since my oxygen level was dangereously low. First they put on full face oxygen mask. Blood pressure was dropping, heart rate was extremely low. I saw a lot of monitors around me and all of them were flashing red - sign of dangerously low of practicaly evrything.

I heard them pumping my chest, changing oxygen tanks and i felt fear. Than Dr called somebody and they decided to move me to ICU. They hooked me on breathing machine. I knew that I am in a big trouble. The only thing went through my head is my husband who will come to visit me in AM and they will tell him i did not make it and about my pregnant daughter.

What happened was: I got heart failire in a recovery room. Immediately after, my chest cavity and the lungs filled with water covering lungs and heart in so much water that I was drowning and could not take air in.

Next day i got high fever and they did ex-ray confirming that I got after surgery -pnemonia which kills 47% of people during recovery. I was on a very strong IV antibiotics, than 2 IV collapsed and even with DR Anesthesiologist's help they could not find any veins to put another IV. After 14 attempts even in a ankle area I told them let me die, I can't handle this anymore. They put on a strong oral Antibiotics and I came home with it.
Despite all this i still have some water in a lungs, and my fever every night goes up. Since I am not on Lasics anymore I have to weigh myself every morning to make sure that water is not coming back.

Surgery itself was a sucsess accoring to DR CAmissa, I did not talk to him yet but he explained my husband a lot of things what exactly was done, but my husband does not understand every detail. He just remembers that DR removed all previous hardware, he fused back all from S-1 to L-3, he wanted to do L-2 too but he was not happy to do this particular level since L-2 is the most volnorable level which gives us most flexibility. He usualy fuses only when too much damage. Mine still can wait (never again). He told me before the surgery that if he fuses L-2 and again get "domino effect" than it will be T levels involved. He did decompession also and I will ask more questions when I will see him or when they fax report to my house. Also he took my other hip bone for fusion and again i got prosthesis. That is all he remembers at this time.

He confirmed ARC and therefore he could not do much in that area. Surgery was 7 hours. Do I feel any difference now - not yet. What I like is they don't use staples, they use self disolving materials and at least something will be easier this time. I had 2 blood transfusions.

No way.. I am done, no surgery for me anymore. Forgive me, my friends, and forgive me if this sounds so discouraging, I don't mean to scare you at all.
But experience I got being in a Hospital room, the carelessness of many-many residents, who don't want to know who don't want to hear even when you report wrong dosage of meds they gave you, when they give you meds which I am allergic too, and it is all on my chart and on my wrist with red flag on it -
I can't deal with this at least for now.

Even though I am still not out of the woods due the comlications (they told me during this month i can have sudden turn to worse) I am so happy to be home, to be able to cry reading your messages, seening my family - I am the happiest person in a world with all my pain. Die to complications they put me on Coumadin, but DR Camissa was so against it saying that it can give me hematoma, which can be a very serious thing after surgery. So no visiting nurse who came today right after I came home will have to take my blood twice a week for him to see what is going on.

Believe or not that even though I have/had so much pain which I know is normal after the surgery, was not killing me as much as the overall feeling sick, so very sick. Nothing more devastating when your husband goes to get water, comes back in a room and you are blue, with blue lips gussping for air without even able to get to that bottom to call your nurse... He was with me every day and every night after they transffered me from ICU, he never left my site. They never gave me a room mate, since 24/7 nurses, Dr's were around the clock checking my oxygen levels, and so on.
My husband saw everything and he was scared too. And i bagged him to not let our daughter know how serious my condition is, since she is almost 7 month pregnant and worries too much about us; she has very risky complicated pregnancies and no transportation for her at all. And you know that on a distance everything sounds even worse than it is.

I feel I came back to life because I have a purpose still here;)l. Somehow happened that I am a core for my husband, kids and friends. If you would know how many candles were lit, how many people from around went to pray to charches, sinagogs, how many phone calls my husband recieved a day, how many flowers and cards - how can I leave them here without me? :)

My daugher's husband lost during 4 years his mom ( she was only 59), his dad and his grammy. So he has nobody except us and he loves us. If something happens to me, than what??? Nope,I decided I am too important, let me come back and so I am here!!!:blob_fire


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