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thanks...wc is definitely a pain in the behind to deal with.
i do have more problems than stated....but those are just the "new" problems that have developed recently. the symptoms are different on a daily basis, depending on what i do during the day, or days prior. no one day is the exact same as the day before. these are symptoms that i have...sometimes all at once...sometimes just one ailment or the other...nothing is constant....pain down leg...burning down leg...pain in back and buttocks and thighs....weakness in the legs....severe bouts with constipation, bruised feeling in foot, now the numbness in little toe and since last night...left arm.
there are nights that i awaken myself trying to roll freaking stiff that i cant roll over without alot of to speak. some days i cant stand up straight after sitting down for a few minutes...if i do very little during the fine...(well not 100% fine...but tolerable). some days i have the "rubberband feeling" something is wrapped around my leg restricting it.....its a battle day to day...because nothing is ever consistant, so i never know how im going to feel. i dont get out much, but of course, holiday shopping, i was out quite a bit in november...after 45 minutes of miserable pain in the mall...we left...i went to get into the van...and could not lift my leg at felt like a ton of bricks on my leg...i had to literally lift my leg with my hands and place it into the van....somedays, i feel like my legs are just going to give out completely...aching like heck, and weak. when i get right leg/foot is the always feels colder than my left side...and is hard to get it warmed back up. in the beginning, i occasionally, not often though, had symptoms in my left leg...meaning...burning down the leg....etc....but over the last couple of left leg is being more and more problematic...but still not as severe as my right side. there are times i cant lay on my right side at all....period....there are times that i cant lay on any side...back, stomach, either side....i just never know night to night what position and how will take for me to get in the "right spot". you can see....i do have quite number of problems other than my original post....i was just wanting info about the "new" problem i am experiencing.

i have pain meds...if you want to call it that....ultram with acetomenophin....but am very stingy with them....for one...they dont really work...and for two...when i run out of them....i will be SOL because i do not have a dr. have been waiting on appt to see neurosurgeon for the last 7 months.....everyones dragging their feet on it. and yes, i do have an attorney.

sorry this is so long...thats why i kept it quite short and simple in the original post.....its too much info to have to type out...and for others to absorb....i didnt want to bombard everyone with everything...when i was just wanting to know about the new problems that i have now. but hopefully, now it will give you an insight of just how problematic this is, and that it is definitely the sciatic nerve.

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