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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Hi Ladybug,

Let me first of all say how sorry I am that you have to go through w/c. That's terrible.

I honestly don't think it's your sciatic nerve, but please don't take my advice over your dr's. I think if it were your sciatic nerve more than just your toe or arm would be affected. I think if your sciatic nerve is being pinched or in any way affected by your ruptured disc at L5-S1 (which is very likely), you should have more pain or numb-like areas, in my opinion.

I'm almost a year post-op from a fusion at L5-S1 b/c the disc was herniated and pinching my sciatic nerve causing my entire left side from my hip down to my foot to be numb (a better way to explain the numb feeling, I think, is to say it feels like my left leg and foot are constantly on ice). Even though I still take a nerve relaxer, my dr has told me countless times that I'll never get feeling back in my left leg and foot but I'm still holding out hope.

Are you taking any meds to calm your sciatic nerve, like neurontin, lyrica or topamax?

I certainly wish you only the best.
Take care,
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Ladybug,

I went 18 mths with my left hip, leg and foot being numb before I had a spinal fusion. That's why I have permanent nerve damage. When I started having back problem's I went to my GP (general practioner). She gave me a script for 30 vicodin pills, sent me for an MRI and to physical therapy for 12 weeks. She was sure I pulled a muscle. My MRI showed I had 3 herniated discs - L1, L3, L5 and L5-S1 disc was pinching my sciatic nerve. After she received my MRI results she gave me a script for many, many more vicodin pills and referred me to a PM (pain mgmt) doctor for ESI's (epidural steroid injections) b/c I wasn't responding to PT. I didn't respond to ESI's either, so after many injections and many mths my PM referred me FINALLY to a neurosurgeon. He fixed 1 of the 3 herniated discs. Afterwards, I found out that my GP and PM doctor should have referred me to a neurosurgeon no later than 6 weeks from the date my back was injured to prevent possible permanent nerve damage. My NS, like so many other surgeon's, partially fixed me and shuffled me on to a PM doctor. About 3 mths ago I found out that my NS knew b/4 my surgery (even though I didn't know and he didn't feel the need to share it with me) that I have DDD (degenerative disc disease), multiple bulging discs and a few more herniated disc (in addition to the 2 my NS didn't fuse during surgery). My PM doctor is one of the very few good doctors I've encountered. He says I'm a "failed fusion syndrome" statistic and that 70-75% of all fusion surgery patients have this syndrome, basically meaning they have chronic pain the rest of their lives and require pain meds and other treatment for chronic pain. He says I'm too young for more surgery now but later in life I will need to have more surgeries, so now I just need to focus on controlling my pain. Isn't life great? I have to laugh, otherwise I would cry :). I just take life one day at a time and ask God to guide me through. He gets me through, Him, my toddler son, my husband and of course my mother (:angel:). How can I be down in the dumps chasing after my toddler all day?!

Do you think the reason w/c is so slow is b/c they hope people will give up and seek medical care on their own using their own health insurance? Or do you think w/c is just too overloaded? I understand why you want to tough it out and I can't say I blame you. Do all w/c cases eventually get settled? Are you planning to settle without lifetime medical?

I've certainly had my share of sleepless nights and I have pain meds to take the edge off my pain. I can't imagine what you must go through not having anything but ultram to take for your pain. Then again, maybe it's easier for you to deal with your pain not ever having good meds that helped ease your pain. Heck, lol, if you ever do get in to see a surgeon and have surgery and get a script for good pain meds, you won't know what to do, you'll wonder how you made it through all this time without pain know you will.

Ladybug, I really enjoy chatting with you and I'm hoping and praying you'll get the medical attention you so desperately need soon.

Take care,

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