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EMG results
Jan 6, 2008
Quick history: Four years ago, I found out that I have a herniated disk @ L5-S1 with degenreation also at L4-L5. I had surgery 2 years ago (laminectomy/discectomy). I re-hernited the disk within the last year.

Question: I just had an EMG and did not officially get the results. I find out this week. But, from what she said, I expect it was abnormal. She did say that I need to start therapy immediately. She did not say what type. I have done many sessions at physical therapy and they said that they can't do more becasue I do all of excercises at home. I also have a tens unit at home. We are trying to avoid surgery as long as possible because I am really young and I would need a fusion. I will most likely have more injury to other parts of my spine if I do surgery now. What is usually the next step?
Re: EMG results
Jan 17, 2008
Hey, I just wanted to ask if you have tried the chiro? I have a herniation at L5/S1 and it really helped me with all of the syptoms that are associated with it. Just thought you might want to give it a try if you do not want surgery. Keep us posted
Re: EMG results
Jan 17, 2008
Hey Girl,
If your EMG is abnormal that usually indicates nerve damage/inpingement. You know you have re-herniated. When was your last MRI? Things could have changed and you could have pressure on the nerve from the disc. Are the results of the EMG going to your surgeon? I wouldn't do anything until he advises you. You don't want to do anything that may possibly make your condition worse until you know for sure what is going on, especially with an abnormal EMG. good luck to you. Keep us posted.

Re: EMG results
Jan 17, 2008
I agree I would definitely not do anything without prior approval of your surgeon especially chiropractor - sorry I know this is a very debateable issue - but first make sure that any manipulation of your spine would be safe by your surgeon. There are many individuals on this board that have seen chiro and they have made their spinal problems much worse.

Good luck and please keep us posted.
Re: EMG results
Jan 17, 2008
Thanks for the replies. I never tried a chiropracter, but a few friends go to one. When they asked their chiropracter about me, they stated that they will not touch me because of my current problems and past surgery. I would be scared to go anyway.

The surgeon that I currently see is not the one that did my first surgery. With my first surgeon I ended up getting passed around from doctor to doctor that he works with until I was sent to their pain managaement doctor who only wanted to perscribe pain medication and not find out why my pain was getting worst. This new surgeon first sent me for an MRI which was a few months ago. The MRI did show the re-herniation at
L5-S1 and a smaller herniation at L4-L5 and degenration. It had to have re-herniated within the last year, because the MRI from a year ago did not show any herniations. That is when he did a nerve conduction test that came back abnormal. Which then lead to an EMG. The EMG was done at his office by another doctor. The surgeon did three injections and said that he wants to put off surgery as long as I can tolerate the pain because of my age. I would need a fusion and he is worried about it causeing more problems for me down the road. I am seeing his colleague for pain management, but the medicines she switched me to is not helping. I am just getting so frusterated because I am in pain too much. I bearly make it through work, even on my half days. I am only in my low 20's I should not have to worry about this.

I want to get a new job because I recently graduated from college. No one wants to hire me because I have no experience. Everyone that I took classes with had internships for experience, but I had to have surgery around the time I would have gotten one. I am probably going to go back to school next year.

Sometimes I just wish I could get the surgery because I am hurting a lot and it just keeps getting worst. I now have a job that will not mind if I have to take time off and I don't have to worry about school right now. I just don't know what to do. Another question: Everyone said that an EMG is very painful. I only felt a lot of pain when they were testing my back. I barely felt anything when they tested my legs. Is this because of the nerve damage? Anyother time I do have normal feeling in my legs except for when the pain is shooting down my legs or I have pins and needle feelings (at least I thought).

Sorry about the long post.

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