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Sounds like sciatica, which I've been suffering from for over 4 weeks after breaking up a dog fight.

I'm getting an MRI next week. The neurogolist suspects a possible herniated disc. I am getting better on my own, refuse to take meds. I rested for three weeks and am now starting to do some easy excersises. One of them is sitting with my feet straight and flat on the floor, with a 6" wide pillow between my knees. Tilting forward so that there is an arch in my back, relaxing shoulders, I sqeeze my knees together.

Another one is putting my back against a wall, with feet apart-hip distance, feet straight..bend knees to sitting position, hold for a few second..and go back up. I've done this for 3 days and I'm feeling much better..although I'm still getting jabby pains and a little muscle spasms. Remember that it took me 4 weeks to get to this point though.

I would get a diagnoses if it keeps up (MRI). Don't do ANYTHING that hurts..lay if you have to, then do what you can to walk or move around if it doesn't hurt. Be careful how you hold yourself and twisting or lifting..or you may pay later.

I hope it's not a herniated or ruptured disc. Maybe it's a strained muscle.

Get better!!

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