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Hi David, I know what you feel like because I go through it all the time. Sometimes I wonder if it's better just to have the pain all the time. When I get a mostly pain free period, it's feels sooo great and makes me ecstatic and more energetic, I get good sleep, etc. But then something happens again & it's like i've been hit by a freight train or lightning bolts. It can be depressing, but at this point in my life Ive had it happen so many times I always know it's going to happen, I guess I'm just more prepared, though it's still discouraging. Unfortunately, many of us on this board have been through the same thing. The good thing, though, is that we can related & do understand; and we can offer suggestions and most importantly moral support, which is very helpful. I cant explain why this happens, but I do know nerve pain can be quite confusing. It can be there one day & not the next, or it can be in different spots; or you can have pain one day, numbness the next, pins & needles another time...and on & on. When my back pains all first started several yrs ago, it was intermittent. Now I know that I was having spasms on & off. It took some time until I got actual pain in my spine, then progressed to leg spasms & cramps, hip pains, sore pelvis area, then nerve pain, claudication. It went on until one day it never went away. So I think it would probably be best for you to have that MRI done anyway. If you've already had it stop & come back again, chances are it may happen again. You don't want to wait too long or you could get worse. Not saying you will, but it's possible as it happened to me.

Also you mentioned your pelvis area feeling as though it's stretched. I get a similiar feeling in mine as well. It feels like my pelvis, seat areas, and more so my tailbone area are bruised (like I was kicked by a horse or something). And when I stand or walk, it imagine what a wish bone might feel like being pulled apart. It's the weirdest I am a wishbone being pulled apart. Does that sound like what you feel?

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