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EMG showed significant nerve damage from one of the disks that is degenerated. What is usually the next steps? I had surgery 2.5 years ago (Discectomy at L5-S1) and now that I re-herniated that level. The nerve damage is at the level above. I have a lot of low back pain and pins and needles and shooting pain in both legs and feet. I already had a lot of injections. I am on pain medication just to get through a day. I am really young (low 20's) and don't know if another surgery is good for me. Any suggestions/ ideas?
alot would depend on just exactly what IS causing the nerve impairment.have you spoken to a good ortho regarding options?that would be your best next step.sometimes,and again,this all depend son what is actually compromised and how severe it actually is,certaintypes of PT 'could' release an impinged nerve.or other less invasive types of surgical intervention could possibly relieve the pain and release that nerve too.sometimes just doing a laminectomy can help a d with other types of nerve compromise a much deeper type of surgey is needed.your best place to find out all your options at this point would be a consult with your ortho.its just without really knowing what is actually causing your nerve impairment,its kind of hard to really give you the best possible advice here ya know what i mean?your ortho would look at your reports of the last MRI and the EMG(is that nerve completley unresponsive or do you have some level of flow in there still?) study and be able to actually "see' your problem areas himself.thats the type of opinion you really need.someone who does the surgeries.depending on how much nerve flow is actually still getting thru and the overall extent of damage would also dictate how soon you need intervention to try and release it.the longer a nerve stays compromised like this the higher risk there is of permanent types of damage that would not be reversable.but there could be other less invasive ways to try and fix this or only some level of actual fusion may be what is needed.i would just ask your primary for a referral back to your old ortho or a brand new one depending on what you last experience with him was like.but that is what i would do in your current abnormal EMG just ups the risk factors as opposed to an EMG that cannot actually detect any nerve flow impairment.i do wish you luck with this.just get that consult with your ortho soon.please keep me posted girl,Marcia

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