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Hello everyone,

I usually post on the TMJ board but today I had my neck and back X-rayed (cervical and lumbar x-rays). The radiologist reported that I am suffering from "straightening of the cervical spine suggestive of muscle spasm".

I still have not seen my own doctor and was wondering if anyone knew what that condition is. My symptoms up until now had been a chronic headaches, heavy-headedness, disequiliribum and pressure in the ears. Could these have been caused by the straightening in cervical spine?

What course of treatments would be recommended in this case?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot
I don't know what to suggest for treatments. Mine is losing it's proper curve and I have a lot of headaches and that heavy head feeling too (sometimes I think a lot of the pain in my neck would go away if I didn't have to support my head's weight).

I've been told to do stretches to help loosen some of the muscle tightness - I gave up on them, something gets pinched and I have worse pain and light headedness as a result.

Muscle relaxers and heat helps a lot with the normal headaches and tightness, worse headaches require an ice pack on the back of my neck and an ultram just to get some relief.
You may want to consider an MRI to check for possible nerve problems.
Hello, susu...Other members have mentioned that people suffering from cervical and thoracic spine problems usually post on the "spinal cord disorders" board. I have lower lumbar abnormalities and am now suffering from upper cervical spine symptoms and have just recently posted on that board. Please keep us updated about your condition!

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