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Upper Back Pain
Jan 17, 2008
About four weeks ago, I awoke from a deep sleep with a very sharp, intense pain in my upper back. It felt like a knife had been driven into my upper back. I've had pain in that area many times before, but it was typically muscular and went away after a few weeks. This felt very different. After seeing my primary care doctor and taking some anti-inflamatories, the symptoms persisted. My insurance company approved an MRI, and I was able to have it scheduled quickly.

Here are the key elements from the report:

"C6-C7 shows a right lateral disc herniation with right lateral recess stenosis as well as effacement of the anterior CSF space. Anteroposterior canal dimension is 10mm. IMPRESSION: Right lateral disc herniation at C6-C7."

I've been referred to my neurosurgeon, but have not gotten in yet. Beyond the pain and the frustration of having another herniated disc and possible surgery, I am shocked that this happened out of a dead sleep. I literally did nothing.

This is the most demoralizing "injury" I've ever had. I'm trying to remain positive about a low back problem that is causing constant pain and is headed toward a fusion, but this one is hard to feel good about.

Oh well ... not sure what else to say. Thanks for listening.

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