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I don't know if anyone else can relate to what I am experiencing. I had a ruptured disk L5 S1 right side and had the surgery to fix it. Problem was that I had suffered for three months prior and had nerve damage. After the surgery the bulk of the pain went away, but three days later the nerve pain in my leg started to act up again. Not as severe, but enough that it was slightly painful when you walked or perhaps just trying to put on your socks. Most people are able to go back to work after six weeks, but for me not so. It has been a year now to this date and I am still having troubles. I get sharp pain if I sit up to quickly, make sudden movements like getting out of the car to quickly, or just severe cramping in my right leg calf muscles. Some of the nerve damage healed itself, but my right foot still has no reflex and sometimes feels like my toes are stiff and burning. I have done months of physical therapy and a program they called work hardening. Since the surgery and therapy I have experienced weak legs, cramping in my calves (mostly my right leg), stiffness in my lower back, some sciatic nerve pain in my right leg, and now I am experiencing dizziness or sometimes more depth perceptions is off. Along with that my legs feel weak at the knees and lower and get weaker as the day goes on. Bed rest helps. This has been ongoing for some time now and I am beginning to get nervous to what else might be wrong with me now. So my question would be if someone else is having the same issues, what are you doing to help the problem or what should I have my doctors look at.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
Hello Deb53,
Thanks for the reply. The medication I am on is basic vicodin for pain, but I try not to use it to often. Other than that I don't really take anything else except for Tylenol or Advil for the occasional headache or minor pain.
As far as the surgeon goes, I do not go to him anymore do to the fact that he sent me back to work six weeks after the surgery with no therapy. I could not even get my leg up from a sitting down position to get my sock on my foot. I had to have my wife do that for me. The pain when I brought my foot up was terrible. Almost like someone hit the nerve with a pointy object. I went back to my primary doctor and he was shocked. He was the one who kept me out of work and sent me to therapy and then the work hardening program. In the end the work hardening program showed that I should not lift to much weight. They maxed me at 90 pounds, but that caused pain to come back. The final judgement was 50 pounds comfortable, but not repetitive. Bad for me considering I do construction.
I have not done another MRI, but I am going to ask for one. The pain comes and goes. I can be good for two weeks and then all of a sudden my calf stiffens up and the leg pain begins and my foot feels like its swollen along with my toes gone numb. This sometimes last about a day or even a week, but then eases up. My reflex in my right foot is gone according to my doctor and the others I have seen. At least some of the reflex came back to my knee, but it is minimal. I am still young and this whole thing was a big wake up call. I am starting to wonder if it is permanent nerve damage. Sometimes I feel a pop almost like a joint pop and the pain will stop. Strange! I hope for my sake the disk is not reherniated do to the fact they removed the max. There is very little left, but enough for padding according to the surgeon. Sometimes I wonder if it is so little that the bones may be rubbing or touching a nerve just enough to cause pain. I don't know the answer, but hopefully my doctor can help me figure it out. This was not something I had planned on dealing with for the rest of my life. Thank you for your time and advice.

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