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[QUOTE=deb53;3411805]Hi Michael,
I also had a laminectomy in June 2007 due to a work injury at L5-S1. I had pieces of the disc removed that had actually broken off and were on the L5 nerve root. My pain is from permanent nerve damage and is mostly in my legs. Is your pain in your back, down your legs or both? What have they tried for you other than meds? Are you able to work at all? See if W/C will approve you seeing an orthopedic surgeon with a specialty in spine surgery. He can order the discogram for you. Why did the other surgeon say you would not be a candidate for a fusion?
I hope you find some answers soon. Chronic pain sucks and becomes the focus of your life. Keep us posted and feel better.

Hi Deb, my pain started in my lower back. It then went to my right leg then to both legs. They did the nerve test on my legs and said I had permanent nerve damage in my right leg. I tried gabapentin(neurontin) for my legs, but had no effect at all. All it did was make me gain weight. I was being retrained, but couldn't take the pain anymore and had to stop. I haven't worked in 4 years. As for the fusion the surgeon said my spine wouldn't support the fussion and my discs would collapse. I spend most of my time in bed on my back when I'm not getting some exercise. Your right about it being the focus of my life. I feel like I can't move on with my life. Thanks
So sorry about your back surgery. I had mine about three years ago and was one of the lucky ones where it actually worked so far...knock on wood!

I had a discogram (what didn't I have) by my pain management doctor at that time. They shoot die, while watching on xray, into your supposed bad disc and see what happens. With mine, the contrast dye just shot out of the side of the disc showing a tear.

They don't sedate you because they want to know what kind of pain level you have when the dye comes out (this is what he told me) and honestly, they had to peel me off the operating table. It was excrutiating pain...unbelievable pain. The pain just shot down my leg to my foot and made me scream out. It made my back pain so bad after. A discogram is really an exploratory method for the doctor to see what's going on with your disc. It most certainly will not help with pain.

My husband has a bad disc in his back and suffers with back pain. I would never allow a doctor to do this procedure on him....ever. This is just my opinion. I can't believe that they couldn't tell what was going on by your MRI and that the discogram would tell them more. Anyway, I wish you luck with your back, God bless. Kate

If you have W/C..I think you should go and get second opinion..And I'm sure this Dr will send you and have Cat Scan or Mylegram .and this Dr can tell you more , what really wrong with you. maybe you still have nerve damages impingent . to L5 S1 that didn't correct the problem in the first place by your first Dr..Please go and have second then third opinion by a Neurosurgeon.
I know how you feel, because I'm going thru same problem..
MY surgery didn't correct the problem..I'm worse than before, pain is radiating thru my left leg, sharp shooting pain, side, bottom foot, heal and four toes..numbness above the ankle /
IVery uncomfortable sleeping on my back, I sleep on my side, then my hip hurts me and so I turn from side to side..I loaded with pain meds, but they are all temporary .I also had Epidural injections and pain can back too.
Michael go and get second and third opinion, at least you know, what's going on with your body
Thanks for your feedback LETTYGM.

As I was reading your response to Michael, I realized
that the symptoms that you now have after surgery
are similar to what my wife is now dealing with after
going through a six hour Laminectomy. My wife has
radiating sharp shooting pain in the left leg, side, bottom,
of the foot with numbness on the heal and toes. No
problems with the hip. Have had Epidural Injections
which is temporary. I had this surgery done Sept.2, 08
and ended up in the ICU. Originally this was going to
be a quick fix procedure and at the very last moment
the surgeon informs me that he was doing a Laminectomy.
My advice to anyone considering surgery, take your time,
do your research before agreeing to anything and regret
it afterwards when the damage has been done. I am
worse off now then before. Second opinions indicate that
the surgery was not done right, can be corrected, but is
very risky surgery. I don't think I'm doing anymore major
surgery and will just deal with the pain and get relief from

Michael, I hope you find a solution to your back problems
and look forward to the day when you come onboard here
and say that everything is back to normal again. Our prayers
are with you Michael.

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