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What can expect to find out- if anything from this MRI. I have 2 toes , one on each foot (not same location) that have gone numb (one in Sept. and one in Nov.) that have not regained any feeling since that time.

The dr tested my B12 and it was low at 185 and I am on B12 injections. I'm not sure if that may be the problem I have no other low B12 symptoms.

The dr also tested my sugar and I am not diabetic.

For ins purposes we did an xray that came out clear- we expected that.

But they are doing an MRI monday. I do not have any back pain at this moment. I do get intermitent back pain ranging from weakness, to siatic pain, to a grinding feeling in my hip(the best I can describe it is like what I call a "hitch") When I have "episodes" it lasts several days, doesn't lay me flat out but is very uncomfotable and moderately affects my day to day activities. But it comes and goes. I did fall when younger but we do not remember what the diagnosis and there is no way of knowing if there is any lasting effects of that (parents deceased, don't recall ER)

Would the MRI people say anything or are they not allowed to? Will they be able to see a pinched nerve in an MRI if it is not bothering me in my back right now? I still have the numbness 24/7 though so I guess that may show up?

I've not had one before so I'd love some input.

(I have 2 staples from gall bladder removal-7years ago-- do I need to tell the MRI people- they are inside)
I am 40 yr old Female.


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