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Hi, I'm sorry about your daughter going through this, I can imagine how tough it must be for a teenager. Of course im not a doctor, but I dont think a lumbar problem would cause shoulder pain, unless she is having spasms in her shoulder. I had severe lumbar spine problems, which caused me to walk bent over, which ended up causing me to have severe spasms everywhere, even in my upper body. But I think it was due to my posture. Do you know more precisely where her back pain is? And do you know how she describes it? Is it cramp-like, achy, sore, sharp, shooting, electric, etc..?

Also, has she had an MRI of the thoracic or cervical spine? I do know that problems in these areas can refer pain & symptoms in the upper body and down the body, even in the legs. I dont know if the bulge in her lumbar spine is causing any pain, but just b/c a doc thinks its not enough of a bulge, doesnt mean it wouldnt be causing her problems. Do you know if certain positiions cause pain? Like does it feel better or worse depending on what shes doing?

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