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Hi. Does anyone know how to find a good physical therapist, one who does manipulations and adjustments? How do you get OMT? Would OMT/physical therapy work for scoliosis? Do braces also work? Should I see chiropractor, osteopath, or orthopedic surgeon? I'm looking for a physical therapy or any kind of treatment to treat my scoliosis (I have had it for a year almost) and it feels like it's getting worse, as my back gets more and more crooked everyday, and I'm now starting to get a major nauseated feeling in my stomach and entire body due to this condition. It feels like I want to throw up but can't, and I know it's not something I ate since I'm eating normally. My memory is foggy, my ribs are funny and uneven, and I even think my heart/circulation is being affected by my back problems, like blood pressure, my heart not beating fast enough or feeling heavy whenever I'm anxious. This has been going on for months now, and I'm willing to try anything... Please help?

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