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Hi Leslie.. Who and how was it determined that you had many slipped discs and pinched nerves?

You mentioned "Xray". What type of xray was it? Some people think an MRI is an xray. Did you have a CT Scan and/or MRI of your spine?

An xray is not enough of an image to see what is going on with your spine especially if you have any possible disc issues. This only provides a basic look at things.

Arthritis is a common condition for orthos and doctors to see. Some of it could be this guy's bedside manner and lack thereof. But they initially treat that with oral medications and PT to help regain strength and movement in that area. Keeping healthy and consistent exercise is the most effective and combative way in treating and preventing arthritis from taking over joints and such.

If your condition continues in regards to arthritis, injections at the site may be tried to help reduce inflammation there and bring some relief.

The spine is naturally curved in an "S" shape. Straightening is not normal and it sounds like the arthritis is actually contributing to your spine straightening in your cervical area rather than being naturally curved.

Hope this helps some.

I would recommend that if this doctor only did an xray.. that you find a new doctor possibly one that specializes in spines and get a more thorough opinion on what is going on with your spine and other options for treatment. Most docs today always opt for non-invasive, non surgical remedies. They are mostly not cut happy these days. Surgery should always be a last resort.

Keep us posted.

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