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Hi, these injections don't necessarily help everyone and there's no way to tell beforehand; but I can vouch that I've had pretty good success with them, at least to help any sciatic pains I get. I've also had good success with a selective nerve block at L5 (for severe sciatica/numbness/pins&needles/pain down my left leg & foot). With the nerve block, they also inject steroids into the epidural space, and it's usually more precise. I get pain relief right away, except a few times I was very sore at the injection sight for about 2 days, but that is normal. After several days I felt really good. At this point, though, after the shots, I can walk or stand around for longer than before the shots, but I still cant walk for too long, then I start feeling it, though not as intense. Some people end up having no more pain at all, others for a few months, or weeks, or days; others get no relief at all, so it cant be predicted. I have a hunch for myself that I'm going to be in more pain again soon as mine will be wearing off soon...and i've been getting alot of crampy pains in my upper thighs & buttocks/hips, plus alot of foot cramps. My spines also starting to feel stiffer. But for me, I was happy to get several weeks of pretty good relief.

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