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Dear All,

I have been having pain for two years and I can't take it any more. I lost my job and I stay in bed most of the day upset. I did research as much as I can on all existing minimum invasive surgeries home and abroad for degenerated disc, disc herniation and discogenic pain. I made the following plan:

Before anything, have discogram done again.
Step1: Methylene blue injections because of its lowest risk
Step2: IDET (if first one fails)
Step3: Laser disc decompression. Hope won't get this far......

My brief injury history and the controversial diagnosis:
2001-Fell on my left back, hurting a lot but no treatment received, self-healing.
2004-A swing on the same spot, have pain on and off, Yoga helped a little, no treatment.
2005-Pinch, sharp pain at left groin and pelvis, later spread to left thigh.
2006-Increased pinch pain,numbness and sharp pain on back, pelvis and both thighs.
2007-No sitting more than 20 minutes, 15 hours pain everyday, walking difficulty.

MRI-L4/5 Bulging disc, not serious, has enough room for nerves passing-claimed by neurosurgeons regardless of my extraordinary nerve pinch pain.
EMG-Abnormal nerve response, no further explanation.
Melyogram-concordant pain while injecting dye,observe nerve root compression in spine canal.
Discogram-No concordant pain while injecting dye,but has leakage.
Still controversial about whether the annular is torn or not.

2006 Had one general inflammation injection and an epidural block.
2007 Two months hospitalization of conservative treatment but nothing helped.

Any comments are welcome. Thanks!!

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