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It's been about a month since my facet injection. When I went in, the nurses told me to lay down on my stomach. I just looked at them and told them, "I can't do that." They said it was the only way to have the injection. So I did it, with them watching and acting like I was a big baby because it took me a long time to get in that position. When the doctor came in, he had a real hard time finding the right spot. I have so much hardware in whacky positions, he just couldn't get good access. The whole time he was moving the fluoroscope a little more this way, then back that way a little, then this way again, I was in agony. My head turned to one side to lay on my stomach was just wrenching my upper spine, since the whole rest of my spine is fused. By the time he finished, I was in a lot of pain, but the nurses were so gentle helping me back up, since they saw the fluoroscope and finally "got" that I wasn't being a baby, I am just that limited in how I can move. They had a completely different attitude towards me by the time I was able to get up, helping me with my shoes, being sweet and gentle.

The injection didn't do a thing. But ever since then, my upper spine is causing me so much pain. From right between my shoulder blades up into my neck, it crackles and cracks and pops all the time and hurts all the time. I saw the PM yesterday again. He agreed to no more injections. He gave me Lidoderm patches to try and Celebrex. I'm concerned that laying like that actually did me damage. It's been a whole month, and it's not better. But what could they do about it anyway? I certainly can't let anything else be fused. Injections aren't effective for me. I've upped my pain meds, so now I'm tired everyday. And I finally faced that I've been fighting depression over all this and talked to my family doctor. So now I'm also on Cymbalta.

This is not where I thought I would be at this point. The hardware removal was supposed to be some fine tuning, then healing and I would be better off. Instead, all this new stuff has happened. I'm just so frustrated and discouraged. And I'm tired of people looking at me and saying, "oh, you look so good. Are you all better now?" while I'm standing there in pain just wishing I could go home and lay down on my heating pad.

On top of it all, I got my first denial letter from disability. They said that I have no limitations in walking, standing, or getting around. It's like they didn't even read that long packet I filled out! With two doctors documenting that I'm not able to work, they just threw me into the reject pile without even reading everything.

I know things will look up eventually. I have many things to be thankful for, and I need to focus on them! Maybe by going through all this myself, I'll somehow be able to help someone else one day. In the meantime, I'll keep my eyes on the Lord, who gives me comfort and deep down joy, even when I'm not happy.

Hope everyone else is having a less-painful day today.


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