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Hi everyone,

Since my surgery in '06 I did pretty well for 6 months after, except I felt a pressure type pain deep in my outer hip areas after walking for a couple hours. I did tell my surgeon about it and I also had my hips MRI'd by a hip specialist in the same group. I do have mild OA in there, particulary my right, but it wasnt of any great significance. The hip doc thought maybe it stemmed from my spine. So I just didnt walk around for TOOO long. 6 months later, though, I was hit with severe left sided sciatica, which was mostly due to scar tissue and stuck tissue in the lateral recess at L5. I got a nerve block, which helped my pain. However, the MRI did show 2 large herniations, 2 bulges and bilateral facet thickening/spurring with encroachment from L2 through S1. So in essence, since my surgery, all these levels are now getting worse, which I knew would probably happen, but none of this seemed to be causing me any problems (yet).

But since my surgery, it seems every few weeks I get an episode of something that is causing nerve compression. I am positive that at least 2 times it must have been a herniation b/c I felt a certain spot in my spine that felt a pop and felt like I was stuck there with a hot poker. Then I got nerve pains shooting in both outer hip areas, had to shuffle, and then the spasms started in. Other times I had nerve pain & other symptoms come on slowly until they got real bad; other times I've felt fine one day, then woke up the next morning in agony. So either i Keep getting herniations or scar tissue is causing me problems. I did not get an MRI every time I get an episode b/c I really hate getting MRI's anymore and i've had so many. I almost feel bad for my insurance company LOL. Some times my nerve pain & symptoms would go away for the most part over 2 to 3 weeks. Other times not. But over time, this nerve pain in my hip areas has stayed, sometimes mild though. Other times excruciating where I couldnt move or walk. I had more ESi's in December and through the end of January, which did help alot. I was able to walk around longer without much pain.

My last ESI was Jan 28th and it's worn off by now. Slowly I have nerve pain coming back. I also have alot of spasms & cramping all over. But the nerve pains & parasthesias seem to only happen while I'm either walking or sitting. I do have some light pins & needles in my toes while laying down, but not really any nerve pain now while lying.

Im starting to think this is getting ridicuous with the nerve pains im getting. It's getting more prominent in my outer hip areas, worse in the left. The other day I got what I thought felt like nerve pain above my left knee on the front. I am getting more frequent spurts of nerve pains again in the tops of both feet. One I got the other day was so intense, I could almost feel it in my brain LOL, it's hard to describe. Like I could hear the zapping of it. I am also getting sharp, quick pains in my right heel, the outside of my right ankle, adn the insides of both ankles!! Also, just recently, while walking, I got what I think might be nerve pain down the front of my left thigh. I also have worsening cramp-like pain in both sides of my rear which goes down the backs of my legs a bit, which is worsening. And now I also have it in the front of my thighs, more notably on the left. I'm also finding myself, once again, leaning a bit forward and to the right. It's just seeming ridiculous that Im getting nerve pains in all these areas! All of the nerve pains seem to happen only while walking or sitting. I dont seem to have any right now while laying down, though. And Im still pretty much able to my PT exercises without nerve pain getting in the way.

Then the other day I sneezed, but none of my nerve pain worsened. I know sometimes when I had sciatica & I was soo afraid to sneeze as it worsened the pain even more. However, yesterday while sneezing, my left hand got pins & needles in some fingers. I just hope this isnt a sign of problems to come in my cervical spine now.

But anyway, sorry this was so long....does or has anyone else had nerve pain only while walking around or sitting too long? Or sitting in certain positions? (I notice that sitting in my car is worse and the more I try to walk, the worse all my symmptoms get)

Oops, also, my leg cramping gets worse the longer I stand, but the nerve pains do not
Hey Pep, havent seen you in a few days, I hope all is okay! But I see you've made some progress walking, so that is awesome, I guess you are still feeling somewhat better.

Yeah, I seem to do better with my feet up as well. However, last night while laying in bed flat on my back, the light pins & needles in my toes turned into more prickly ones and also went into my outside left ankle & calf. UGHHHH.
And now another thing that just started happening last night & still this morning - I am getting what I sort of describe as twitching all along the back of my left calf and my shin area of my right leg. Last night I also got some of those sensations that feel like a TENS unit is on me....I got them on different spots on back, even upper back. The sensation would buzz for a few seconds, go away, then it come back in another area. I'm not having extreme constant pain , the nerve pain I am getting is usually more tolerable, (except for when it hits my feet tops) but the back of rear/legs cramping is gettting more & more prominent while standing/walking as time goes on. But it's just getting ridiculous to me, I cant understand why I'm getting all these (what seem to be) nerve related sensations all over.

If I lean or move in any direction, I have lots of popping & cracking LOL. Right now I'm pretty stiff again and cant bend to far & cant even turn well but however far I can move, I always have sound coming from my spine (and other joints for that matter). I know I have bilateral facet "hypertrophy" from L2 through L5. That was on my last MRI report from last May. I still have Cobra, but only through March the last I was told. Maybe I will try get one of my docs to get another MRI done before the end of the month.

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