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Grundy, how did your appt on 6/23 go? Any encouraging news from the dr. I am doing pretty good, but still having low back pain that I describe as pressure. Before surgery I had right hip and leg pain. Thankfully that was gone after surgery. For the last three days I have had LEFT leg pain, burning down the back of my leg. Worse when I lay down. Right now late at night waiting for a pain pill to kick in so I can sleep. I don't see my doctor for 4 more weeks. I am very anxious to talk to him. Keep me posted.
[B]saberthiaume[/B] I would also like to hear how you are doing.
I finally saw my surgeon for the first time the end of August (my choice because of the 5 hours drive) I had xrays done and he said that everything looks fine. I asked if the bone fusion was starting and he said they cannot tell from an xray that I will have a CAT scan in 6-9 months. I was real concerned that I am having low back pain. Before surgery my main pain was in my leg and hip which is for the most part gone. I have had some burning in my leg that scares me to death. He seems to think that the nerve is inflammed. He is not concerned about the low back pain. He thinks everything is right on track. He did order me PT for four weeks. I had to confess that I am not walking as much as I should. He is ordering more xrays the end of October and said that unless I am having problems there is no need to drive out to see him. He told me to be patient, walk more and lose weight! I'm not good at any of the three! He also told me to give this procedure a year before I start getting panicky about the low back pain. Overall, I am still glad I had the procedure. I feel much better than I did before surgery. I just need to get my act together and get movin! Hope this finds you doing better!

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