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I thought i would add in here. Becareful of the Miralax as i was having these same issues, Mri done for this nothing showing. GI told me to take Miralax three times a day and i'm glad i listened to myself and only did once a day at the most as now i am directed to stop and start taking fiber suppliments as i never have a solid movement or even close to firm anymore since, but i can say i don't miss the numbness i had during the bowel movements and the back pain worsened so what next! I guess what might work for one might not for another. If anyone figures out the back pain/numbness with Bowel movement let me in!
I don't have any type of constipation, so that is not the case with myself either. I have a minimum of 2 movements a day and no straining. But I do find it interesting that most of us do have the same group of back problems and yet there are multiple Drs. that don't understand what the problem could be. I am thinking for me, it may be that it is a PM Dr. and perhaps if I saw a Rheumy for the arthritis or a neurologist for the nerves, they would have an answer for me.

One of these days, one of us will talk to the right Dr., who will have an answer, and then they will return here to the board to share the insight with the rest of us. :D

Have a great night all,

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