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Yep, I'm in that club, too. I didn't have any problems until after my hardware removal last September. I only had one piece removed, all the rest is still in there, but something happened either during surgery or by me during recovery. I developed excrutiating pain in my R hip, worse at night to the point that I could only lay on that side for up to 10 minutes. I have to carefully turn to each side and to my back routinely all through the night, so it was really hard to not be able to lay on that side. It makes me much stiffer the next day if I can't rotate the stress during the night.

I've had three different injections, two in the hip/upper thigh and one facet. It's hard to tell if they did anything in the long run. The first one did nothing, the second one made me much worse for several weeks, but then it calmed down a little and I got so I could lay on that side for 40 minutes. The facet injection did nothing (except other damage, but that's another story). It seems like it's slowly improved so that my daytime limp that I have when getting out of the car or standing up after sitting for longer than a few minutes is gradually getting less. I doubt that it's due to the injections. I thought I was going to get an actual diagnosis, but the PM said I may have a degenerated hip and that was as far as it went. I suppose I should see a "hip guy," but I'm so tired of all this, the injections didn't do anything, and I'm not going to even consider any other surgery right now, so I'm in a watch-and-wait mode, which the PM agreed was reasonable for now.

I really don't get it. It was clearly related somehow to the last surgery, perhaps by my using muscles differently or walking a bit "off" while I was in pain, but it should have certainly cleared up by now. It's frustrating. I'm at the point of accepting that this is simply going to be a part of the picture for me.

Yeah, like you said, yippee. :(


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