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i just had an XLIF procedure on march 5 and am posting this to provide info for people considering this procedure or have had it to compare progress with surgery was for the L4-L5 disk removal.

i woke up from surgery with severe pain in my left flank which i am told is normal since they had to go through the left PSOA muscle.

the morning after, i was walking but in a crouched position and with much pain.i also noted that my left quad/thigh was absolutely and totally numb...i was told that this does happen with the procedure and it will take a month before i get sensation back.

i was released after the first night in hospital but my walking was limited as the pain persisted and sleeping was hard.i could only sleep on my right side.

i have had a doctor visit and they did take an x-ray.the bone spacer/graft appears to be in solidly and the 2 screws above and below the level which were inserted from the the left side can be seen along the width of the spine.i am told they are solidly in.

it is now march 11, 6 days post surgery, and i can stand a little more upright and can walk a little further than before but i cannot lift my left leg very high (like to get in my pants) without excruciating pain in my back so i have to use my arm to lift my leg.i also have pains in my left hip.i am told that the hip and leg issue arise because of having to go through the psoa muscle and that this will get better over time.

this is where i am to date.

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