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[FONT="Arial Narrow"][SIZE="3"]Hello Ladybug :wave:,

I'm sorry I've taken too long to reply. I appreciate your support and all of your words of always make me feel so much better, thank you! I hate having days when I feel down, and it seems like I have more down days lately than good days...I just hate it! I think I have many down days b/c reality is setting in...I am sure that I will have back problems and chronic pain for the rest of my life, and I'm pretty sure I will never have another baby...atleast I have 1 happy, healthy child...oh well, I need to get over it and be happy with what God has blessed me with. I do think that someone truly does NOT understand how we feel until they've been where we have...I oftentimes get the feeling people think I'm just lazy and use my bad back as an excuse to get out of a lot of things...I wish that was the case, all my problems would be

I hope I don't have another damaged disc but it wouldn't surprise me if I did...I probably do...I do have DDD and from what I've learned about it, it sounds like once it rears its ugly head there's no stopping keep having problem after, joy...I'm hoping if I find a good surgeon that I can trust to fuse L1, I'll be able to take a long break before I have to worry about treating any other back problems.

Did wc schedule your surgery for June 5th or was it the neuro's office? Why did they schedule it without talking to you first? That's not very professional, it sounds like something wc would try to pull...they sound like they operate alot like my former pain mgmt doctor did - they treat you inhumanely, they act as if they're herding cattle instead of treating patients...hmmm, ya know what? Actually that sounds like most

I think sleeping flat on my back for any amount of time is extremely painful...I just hate it when I wake up and realize I've done it...I know exactly what you's terrible, you feel like you're going to die right then and there!

Is the Chantix still working well? How is the nausea, has it eased up any? Are you still trying to diet now too? If you manage to stop smoking and lose weight at the same time, you could easily become a bestselling you could really win your wc case b/c it'd make no difference to you if they were still dragging their feet or not, you'd be sitting back, rolling in the money from your book't that be the life? On a serious note, I do think if you can do both..stop smoking and lose could do anything, which I already know is possible b/c you live day after day with terrible pain and so far you're still sane.

I don't think the days ahead are going to start looking up for me, atleast anytime soon, but I'm going to take everday one at a time and wish for the best...the good news is I have a toddler who has recently started talking really well, so while I'm waiting for the good days to come along, I'm going to sit back and enjoy all he has to say b/c I know I'll never get the chance to experience toddlerhood again...yes, I am very thankful God gave me Little E :).

How are you doing Ladybug? I hope you've been doing great.

Take care,

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