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I had a microdiscectomy 3 weeks ago following 2 years of severe sciatica, numbness and weakness in my right leg.
My MRI showed what the surgeon described as a 'massive' prolapse at level L4/5. There were also many fragments of disc which had broken away.
When I woke up from surgery and for 12 days following it, I had absolutely no leg pain. It was like a miracle! I could finally lie down and sleep peacefully without medication. However, over the last 10 days or so, the pain has begun to return in my leg and seems to be gradually getting worse. I am having to take strong painkillers again at night. During the day, things are ok. I walk alot, which is really soothing, but as soon as I stop in the evening and especially if I sit or lie down, it is painful again.
I am terrified that the operation has been a failure. I really can't think of anything I've done to re-herniate the disc, but I can't understand how else it can be so sore again. Is it possible that pain can return after being completely pain free after the op, without it being anything too serious? If so, are things likely to improve over time?
Hope someone can help.
I had 2 fusion surgeries. And after each of them for about a week I did not feel pain i was complaining about before surgery.
When pain came back, I was so upset!
My Dr explained to me why don't we feel pain for about 2 weeks after surgery is because during surgery they numb the inside area with anesthetics. When they wear out - we may feel same pain again.
This is frastruating, I understand your feelings, but you are still at very "young" age post surgery and things may change and eventually you will be pain free.
Unfortunatelly it takes long time for us to recover, we have to be patient. Aslo a lot of ups and downs during recovery, don't get discouraged by that.

Good luck to you and best wishes on your recovery:angel:
Thanks for replying. It's really frustrating but I think i'm maybe worrying too early. Some people say it can take months for nerves to heal after surgery. The pain has been ok today but I find I'm becoming obsessed with it. I'm constantly analysing the slightest twinge! I suppose after spending so long with chronic pain, it's natural for us to be desperate for it to have worked. It's evening here in the UK now so i'm bracing myself for it to be sore tonight. Hope yours improves soon too.

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